Monday, December 17, 2012

Head coach on Ovechkin: "Happy, but expected more"

After the final game of the Eurotour 2012 First Channel Cup against Finland (3-1) the head coach of Russia Zinetula Bilyaletdinov was happy with the play of Alex Ovechkin, but did not hid the fact that he was expecting more from the line of Alexander Ovechkin, Alexei Tereshchenko and Nikolai Zherdev, especially in the offensive part, reports SE correspondent Artem Agapov.

What can you say about Alex Ovechkin in this tournament?
Bilyaletdinov: I am happy with Sasha. With what you did not see or did not notice, I think he's good. Maybe he was not so sharp in offense at times, but he did his job. He was good in terms of restructuring, done some very useful things.

Can you evaluate the whole line of Tereshchenko, Zherdev and Ovechkin
Shall we say I was expecting a little more, especially in offense. They have not scored and I think they could have played better. Perhaps we could say that they were playing for the first time together. Although Tereshchenko and Zherdev had already played together. Something, perhaps, did not work. I think they should play better.

What can you say? Ovi is still great, but no longer a sniper. Lat's face it, the thrill is gone.


  1. "Ovi is still great, but no longer a sniper. Lat's face it, the thrill is gone."

    ...Boy, do I hope that was sarcasm, because otherwise, I just have to shake my head at you.

    Is there a site that listed TOI for each of the Channel One Cup matches? I'd be interested to see how much TOI Ovechkin got, since they basically started him on the 3rd line.

  2. Please, tell me someone hacked the website and wrote that down.

    Anyways, I was disappointed that Sasha didn't get invited. I was expecting the same line from the WC.


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